Sale Selection

Setting industry standards with our "No worries we've got you covered" approach, League of Legends is more about sifting through mediocre in search of 60-65 head of horses that are the crème de la crème.

League of Legends Consignors and Turner Performance Horses excel in providing the seasoned competitor, non pro, working ranch or recreational horseman with a set of ELITE & LEGENDARY horses. With only 65 nominations we have set our pre-screening expectations high with submission of x-rays, soundness letters stating horse to be sound of Limb, Eye and Wind as well as a list of disposition and performance standards that are required to even be considered as a prospective “Legend”! Once the prospective "Legend" is approved each horse(s) will be advertised extensively and actively encouraged to prospective buyers to schedule appointments to ride before you buy. These ELITE & QUALITY horses stand in a LEAGUE of their own., ranging from disciplines including: Team Roping, Reining, Breakaway Roping, Trail Riding, Calf Roping, Ranch, Versatility, Mounted Shooting, Pleasure, Cutting, Barrel Racing, Rodeo, Working Cow Horses, All Arounds plus one sweet, amazing Yearling (lot #1) that will help us give back to the future of our horse/rodeo community!