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Turner Performance Horses is proud to offer our customers these products we use and believe in. We generally have some product on hand at events or visit us on location in Congress, Ariz., or East Helena, Mont. If you would like to place an order please call (406) 381-2347 for available color and size options. Payment can be made online via PayPal to


5/16" FIRM Hookin' Halters® are made with a firm rope that holds its shape well, yet soft enough for a trained and supple horse. This halter is the perfect option for everyday use around the ranch. The 5/16" rope holds its shape well, but it‘s not a stiff rope. High strength, low stretch and it is semi color-resistant to sunlight. Use this halter for tacking, tying and hauling. Comes with standard 8.5’ snapless double braid lead rope with custom leather popper.

5/16” Firm Hookin‘ Halters®
Color Options
Standard 8.5’ lead - $30.00
Custom 10’ lead - $33.00


RES innovative products have revolutionized the equine industry. Brett Mills, inventor and founder of RES Equine Products, currently has four patents and will continue to design and consult with Weaver Leather to bring quality products that serve the equine industry.

RES Bell Boots / Pair - $25.00
RES Splint Boots Front / Pair - $55.00
RES Splint Boots Hind / Pair - $55.00


Zesterra® is an all-natural supplement designed to support horses during times of stress, such as hauling, heavy training, foaling and during times of extreme heat or cold.

Zesterra® is safe for all classes of horses including lactating mares and foals.

Zesterra® stimulates appetite and water consumption safely and naturally by balancing the pH of the stomach. It can be used as a flavor enhancer for horses that reject water from new sources when being hauled to new destinations.

1 gal; 0.5 gal; 500 ml; 250 ml - $75.00 - $700.00


CattlActive's® highly palatable formula encourages feed consumption Improves the flavor of water; increased water consumption can decrease the chance of dehydration during times of stress

1 gal; 0.5 gal; 500 ml; 250 ml - $75.00 - $700.00

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